Are you for real, Santana? Rachel is the worst person in the world? how about when you told Karofsky you would out him if he didn’t do what you wanted him to do? what about the time you fat-shamed Finn? what about the time you BI-shamed Brittany? what about the countless times you shamed people for their appearences? for their height, their face or any other atribute you thought was ugly and worth laughing at? how about you trying to take your best friend’s dream after you called yourself (because nobody else did, of course) a "hardcore friend" meaning someone who would do anything on earth for them (oh except getting them to be happy, lol)? how about just now you’re trying to say Rachel has too much body hair for your taste (in front of the whole Glee club)? i mean, who is the worst person in the world again? you might need a check up, lady, because you’re soul is as dark as your hair

oh no, but i’m sorry, al of this it’s super ok because you’re latina and suuper sassy when you do it

you seriously don’t deserve Brittany.

ps: Rachel is not perfect either, she ran over people too in her way to the spotlight, but guess what, she’s not the one standing in the middle of a class room bullying her friend in front of strangers ;)

Look at us — falling right back into our old rhythms.